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We will briefly explain the most important aspects of our data storage. Only in the case that you have communicated your express consent, we will process and use your personal data.

What data are stored?

We keep the information we receive about you, such as which competitions you take part in, which of our newsletters you subscribe to, or which channels you contact us, specifically your name, address, email and your date of birth.

We also collect information about your topics of interest by evaluating your clicks on our website and our newsletter.

The first time you contact us, we create a specific profile for you in our database. Any additional information you transmit to us from now on will also be stored here. The more information we receive from you, the better offers and the more individualized we can offer you in the future.

For what purpose do we use this data?

We use your data to carry out market research as well as to carry out and send selected information or to test products by postal mail, electronic mail or mobile devices (for example, mobile messages).

How long do we store the data?

We usually keep all the information you provide to us as long as you are interested in sending us commercial information.
If you do not want us to use your data any longer, we will process your request without delay.

Can you tell what information we have saved about you?

Yes. At any time you can get information about the data stored about you.

Can you request the deletion of your registered data?

Yes. Naturally, you have the right at any time to request that they be deleted in whole or in part. To do this, use our contact form on our website. We will fulfill your request immediately and will adjust the sending of advertising in the future. In case the company is legally obliged to store data, the information will not be erased, but will be blocked.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that can be deposited on the hard drive of users who visit the website. The information included in the cookies facilitates the navigation and allows the correct visualization of our web page. Our cookies can not identify people.

You can avoid storing cookies by adjusting your browser settings. To find out how it works, read the instruction manual of your browser.